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T.M. Revolution at NYC Comic Con 2008

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I keep swearing that won’t attend anymore conventions and then I read an article saying an artist that I like is making an appearance and I’m swayed. This time it was T.M. Revolution.


I never really listened to his solo work – I am more of an abingdon boys school fan, but I love his voice so I decided to attend.

It was nice to be able to roll out of my own bed, make a cup of coffee and hop on the train in place of some insane cross country flight followed by a questionable hotel stay. If I must attend a convention, I felt lucky that is was local.

I knew I was close to the convention when a couple stepped out of their car and they were dressed as Indiana Jones and Princess Leia. I didn’t know Indy spent much time on Alderaan (Geek Cred).

Oh the joys of cosplay.

I didn’t snag a picture of them, but I did catch some storm troopers milling about … that should compensate slightly

I wandered around the convention until I came across TMR’s booth. It showcased some f his concert outfits and there was some merchandise on sale that he designed. I bought one of each (though I had to go back later in the afternoon and exchange my t-shirt for a youth medium – they were oddly large.

Of course I lost track of time and almost missed the TMR panel. I arrived in time to for the panel, but too late to get tickets for the autograph signing. I was okay with that as long as I got into the show later that night. The panel was fun. They showed videos documenting TMR’s work in anime, film and music. He answered some questions from the audience and then was presented with flowers by some guy from Conan O’Brien … let me see if I can find out his name ….

Ah, his name is Pierre Bernard and he appears to have a “Recliner of Rage”. Hmm, If I had known that I would have been slightly less peeved at his taking away Q&A time during the panel.

TMR is incredibly tiny. I mean by even Japanese standards the man is small. He looked fantastic though and has a wonderfully raspy speaking voice and a terrific sense of humor. He seemed really excited to be there and pumped up for the show. I’m glad I got into the panel.

After the panel ended I wandered over to the autograph signing area to see if I could possibly get something signed without a ticket, but the line was ridiculously long and I decided to pass on the attempt. A lot of the girls / women getting autographs were completely freaked out. It was cute how nervous they were approaching him. One teenage girl wouldn’t even look directly at him! He smiled at all of them and shook their hands before they went on their way. I managed to get two semi-decent photos, but Lou Ferrigno kept blocking my shot. I never thought I would have the need to complain about The Incredible Hulk blocking a picture I was trying to take – strange days we live in.

I had a few hours to kill before we could line up for the show, so I aimlessly circled around the convention and snapped some shots of the attendees.

In my meanderings I found out that Jim Butcher would be signing copies of his novel Furies of Calderon. I called my siblings and told them to hurry over to Jacob Javits – he is a family favorite. We got into line, received our FREE copies of Furies and then proceeded to act like nutty fangirls when it was our turn to talk to him and get our books signed. He was really sweet and chatted with us about the new Dresden book coming out and other topics (he also pointed out that my niece Samantha is probably doomed to be a Sci Fi – Fantasy Geek – he is probably right). Since Laura got so many of us to read his books I made her take a picture with him.

It was a high point of the convention though Laura complained that I often force her to do things … well… that is also probably true.

Around 6:00 we headed down to the theater to line up for the show. At that point the line was already huge, so I’m glad we went down when we did. It was an odd experience going into the show knowing I didn’t know any of his solo music, but the show was fantastic. The lighting for the show was really well done and there were two projection screens so everyone had a clear view of TMR. He has a very powerful voice and a massive stage presence. He stripped from a coat to a shirt to a backless and sleeveless shirt – the man is in amazing shape. He danced all over stage and did his MC’s in English (with the exception of one in Japanese) The audience seemed really into the show and it looked like he had a good time as well. He gave  a two-song encore and it seemed like he didn’t want to leave the stage. He said he would be back next year and that he would like to tour the US – I hope he does.

The sisters and I left the show with a pleasant buzz though I am once again swearing off conventions … until someone I like appears at one … and then it will start all over again.

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